Our Team

Who We Are

Our Team

Generations Ashe proudly employs well over 100 individuals who carry out the important work of the agency, keeping our mission at the forefront of all we do every day. A strong, qualified and compassionate leadership team, invested in ensuring our daily work is rooted deep within our mission, vision and core values, leads our daily work. Our team believes that there is no job more important than another and that all of our employees play a vital part in delivering excellence to those we are blessed to serve.

Our Leadership Team

  • Patricia Calloway, Executive Director
  • Mary Owen, Fiscal Officer
  • Lisa Lambert, Human Resources Manager
  • Lisa Holman, Payroll Officer/Fiscal Assistant
  • Jessica Mast, Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Bill Clark, Director of Information & Housing
  • Jessica Mooneyhan, CAP/DA Program Director
  • Amanda Bryan, RN/In-Home Services Supervisor
  • Glenda Luther, Senior Center/Nutrition Director
  • Katie Greer, Nutrition Assistant
  • Ashley Waddell, Assisted Living Administrator
  • Kayla Absher, Child Development Center Director

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